• Lily Posy - By Lily's Canberra Florist

    Lily Posy - By Lily's Canberra Florist

    From $45

    It's sweet, it's petite, it's all about the Lilies. Wonderful posy, great value, same day ...

  • Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates By Lily's Florist Canberra

    Florist's Choice Bunch With Free Chocolates B...

    From $64

    Speaking of sweet...designers choice, decisions made easy, plus free chocolates.

  • Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $76

    Mixed blooms in a rainbow of hues, this gift will surely leave the recipient amused.

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    The sweet blend of pink roses, lilies & chocolates is guaranteed to enchant the recipient.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Boxed native flowers, no need for a vase, comes with Free chocolates too.

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

    From $99

    Save $21 on this lovely bouquet of native Australian flowers. Order today.

  • Simply Stylish Special

    Simply Stylish Special

    From $120



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Welcome to Lily’s Canberra Florist!

If this is the first time you have heard about us, then you have definitely been missing a lot in the floral scene. Kidding aside, Lily’s Florist has been the most recognised delivery florist in Canberra since 2008. We are a family-owned business which has been providing unique flower creations and outstanding customer service Australia-wide from way back its humble beginnings.

Now that we are in Canberra, our team of florists also known as Lily’s Canberra Florist continues to rely on Lily’s Florist’s core values to serve our patrons with a wide array of premium products and services because this is what we do – and we absolutely love what we’re doing.

The idea of flowers influencing lives is what inspired us to create these floral masterpieces to emphasize an emotion, beautify a place, or simply make days better. With us, you have limitless options of flower gifts that you can give on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any significant moment in your life. Not only that, we also have get well flowers and sympathy flowers ready to be delivered the same day or pre-ordered.

Same day flowers delivered to Canberra

 Is there an occasion coming up? Maybe it’s your girlfriend’s birthday, your sister’s graduation, or maybe your Mum is having a housewarming party coming up. We have specially designed flowers for those important affairs.

You can also count on us if your want to offer comfort through flowers for a friend who is ill in the hospital or a colleague who just lost a loved one. We deliver directly to hospitals, funeral homes, and cemeteries. However, if you wish to personally offer the hospital flower package, we can also deliver directly to your address.

Through our hardworking and dedicated team, you can easily send flowers the same day wherever you may be.

Lily’s Florist is your company to call when it comes to same day delivery services to Canberra. For your urgent flower needs, place your orders before 2 PM on weekdays and prior to 10 AM on Saturdays. We deliver 7 days a week with a happy heart ready to serve you.

Stunning flower creations by Lily’s Canberra Florist

We are proud to say that the team of florists behind our company has been well-selected. Our florists have undergone several rounds of training in floristry just to make sure that their skills and passion for flowers are translated to hand-arranged creations that embody what flowers are all about.

How about you? What are flowers for you?

For us, these are nature’s best gifts. It’s an all natural source of colours that paint the world and fragrance that spreads positivity all around. You see, flowers should not only be about beautifying the place but also electrifying the senses of people in a good way. It’s like saying that when we see flowers, we feel good about ourselves – we feel good about life.

This is the concept that we like to share to you that is why we made Lily’s Florist. To better reflect this goal, our team of florists only uses flowers that are freshly hand-picked from local farms to ensure that when the flowers arrive at your doorstep, it remains farm-fresh and gorgeous.

Trust us and you will never regret it because we know how to take care of you because you are as special as our flowers. We encourage you to be proactive in your relationships, like this very moment, you can easily contact us to deliver some floral goodness to your loved ones and friends in Canberra. If you are up for the challenge, contact us and we’ll be there.

Hang in there; we have more floral whatnots in store for you.

Places and Faces of Canberra

Canberra is Australia’s capital city with a population of 381,488 as of 2013 and located in the northern end portion of the Australian Capital Territory. One fun fact about its name is that it was claimed to be derived from the word Canberry which means ‘meeting place’ whereas others would say it means ‘woman’s breasts’ pertaining to two mountains laid opposite each other.  Wherever its name was derived, one thing is for sure – Canberra is one interesting place to visit.

Aside from being a capital city, Canberra is also the country’s largest inland city and that translates to perfect holiday driving spots with close to zero traffic. Amazing, right?  And that is just the beginning of the many cool things you can see and do in Canberra.

For starters, did you know that Canberra is also known as the bush capital? This is because of the numerous parks and reserves located in the area like Namadgi Park and Tidbinilla Nature Reserve. Make sure you have keen eyes to spot the kangaroos and koalas lurking around the parks.

Are you an adventure junkie? Well, say hello to Canberra’s Alpine experience via the Snowy Mountains where you can enjoy the winter season with some skiing and snowboarding. Sounds exciting? Experience it to know it!

Now if you are feeling a bit cultural, you can go check out Queanbeyan and Hilltop Region where you can admire historical churches and enjoy festivals as well as the breathtaking countryside.  Speaking of festivals, there is one particular fest that captured our attention most - the celebrated Floriade Festival.

All roads lead to FLORIADE

Floriade is Canberra’s most celebrated tourism event which was developed back in 1988 starting only with one tribute of flowers to commemorate Canberra’s 75th anniversary and Australia’s Bicentenary.  Through the years, this well-loved event became an annual display of over a million bulbs and annuals of flowers planted generously in the innermost parklands and became a sure hit to both locals and tourists alike.

Moreover, Floriade does not only give you a floral show, it also expands through a diverse program featuring artistic displays, horticultural workshops, food, wine, music, entertainment, recreational activities, and more cultural celebrations. You can even learn some gardening tips from the best flower experts in town. There is no need to think twice in attending such fun-filled affair!

Everyone loves spring and Floriade is the perfect definition of what spring is all about. The best thing about it is that the flowers featured in Floriade are all available at Lily’s Canberra Florist. So, if you loved the variety of eye-catching tulips and other flowers during the festivals, you will undoubtedly love what we have in store for you. 

Canberra is such a golden treasure when it comes to the many faces of adventures. Inland or along the coast for some water lovin’ this is certainly the place to be. For sure, the Canberrans will love having you there.

This is the city we have been dreaming of delivering flowers to. Lily’s Canberra Florist delivers same day flowers, fast and hassle-free to your requested locations in Canberra including suburbs in districts of Belconnen, Gungahlin, Canberra Central, Majura, Weston Creek, Tuggeranong, Jerrabomberra, Wooden Valler, and Weston Creek.

Send charming and one-of-a-kind flower gifts to suburbs of McKellar, Downer, Harrison, Symonston, Pialligo, Whitlam, Banks, Duffy, Hughes, and many more to experience a Floriade kind of high every day at your doorstep.

Our Featured Flowers: Dahlias and Water Lilies

Dreamy Dahlias

Dahlias are native flowers of Mexico which come from a genus of herbaceous, bushy, tuberous perennial plants. It is part of the Asteracea family and is related to other dicotyledon plants like chrysanthemums, sunflowers, zinnia, and daisies. It has 42 species which are mostly hybrids used as garden plants and the variability in its flower form makes it an octoploid or a flower with 8 sets of chromosomes – now that’s one for the books.

This idyllic species of flower is annual by nature of bloom and has a central disc lavishly surrounded by rays of florets – not petals – that accurately describe the flower’s known symbolic meaning of dignity.

Dahlias can be single-flowered, anemone-flowered, collerette dahlias, waterlily dahlias, decorative dahlias, ball dahlias, pompon dahlias, cactus dahlias, peony-flowered dahlias, double orchid dahlias, single orchid dahlias, fimbriated dahlias, and other dahlias which are unspecified. The list goes on and on but one thing we can be sure of dahlias is that it undeniably emanates a feeling of elegance with a soft tinge of gentleness.

You can liken dahlias to a person with many traits but still remain to be as beautiful as you see them to be. Like Dahlias, people are different in many ways but exude the same magnitude of life and beauty.

Mesmerizing Water Lilies

If you will list down names of popular flowers, surely, water lilies will make at least the top 10. Also scientifically known as Nymphaeaceae, these aquatic plants live in places with tropical climates as it grow on rhizomatous herbs. It is composed of 70 species coming from five genera and is rooted with leaves and flowers floating on the surface of bodies of water. Everyone knows how water lilies look like but what is not known to many is that these species were subject of many studies because it contains unidentified parts that are similar to the earliest flower species.

Now as water lilies continue to fill bodies of water, it has been immersed in hybridization making it habitable in temperate gardens. It was then divided into three groups: the day-blooming and night-blooming tropical lilies and the hardy water lilies.

The idea of water lilies being national symbols of Bangladesh and an Indian town are not new considering the incomparable attribute of water lilies being flowering plants that thrive on water. It also contributes to art and literature because it encourages an imagery of the seashore, the shark, and the sunset.

Loving water lilies is like loving someone who is different from the others but special in her own ways.

Everything you need about flowers is here with us

Here at Lily’s Canberra Florist, we always think ahead – meaning, we strive hard to find out what our market needs and what our market prefers. It’s not only about selling but having the satisfaction that people are connecting with each other through flowers with our help. As much as possible, we want to be part of something beautiful – one that flowers are always part of. Our main focus is on the people who continue to trust us as their top choice of delivery florist and that is our inspiration to create more blissful moments with our flower creations.

Finding therapy in flowers

Through our Get Well flowers, you can comfort a friend or loved one who is staying in the hospital. Your friend might be sick or maybe your colleague is recovering from childbirth. Feeling unwell can surely make a person’s energy dwindle but with a little help from our talented florists and friendly couriers, the flowers they deliver can uplift spirits and encourage hope and recovery.

DEAL OF THE DAY FLOWER BUNCH. For as low as $39, you can conveniently ask our florists to choose the best seasonal flowers available, gather it, and arrange it in an adorable bunch which reflects positivity and cheerfulness.  Your recipient will surely delight in this colourful ensemble.

BLISSFUL BOTANICS. Ever wanted fresh air and a view of nature whenever you feel sickly? Well we thought about that that’s why we created this refreshing foliage of white and green blossoms to create a feeling of serenity and calmness. Stylish boxes are available for this arrangement so you can easily place this on your loved one’s bedside table.

BABY GIRL AND BABY BOY HAMPERS. Seeing newborn babies gives us an idea of how heaven feels like. The pureness and innocence of babies are a breath of fresh air. Cheer up both baby and the Mum with our cute baby hampers that come with baby products, teddy bear, balloon, and chocolates!

Learn more about our Get Well and Baby Flowers at our website catalogue. Lily’s Florist delivers to hospitals in Canberra for same day or next day orders. Say no more and send flowers to hospitals like Canberra Hospital, a public hospital with 672 beds providing excellent healthcare services to 550,000 patients every year. It is located in Garran, Canberra, ACT.

Of Sympathies and Solace

Pay tribute to a departed loved one or simply comfort a mourning heart of a friend or relative with our sympathy flowers.

GORGEOUS WHITE BUNCH. This picturesque masterpiece of pristinely white flowers with insertions of greens is indeed what describes the beloved memories of a departed loved one.

RED ROSE SHEATH. These red roses arranged in sheath is more than a casket ornament. It is an epitome of a long-lasting love between those who passed away and those left behind.

WREATH WITH MIXED COLOURS. All the playful colours of flowers decorated altogether in a wreath is reminder that after grieving there is always a new tomorrow to look forward to.

Lily’s Florist delivers sympathy flowers to funeral homes and cemeteries in Canberra.

Tobin Brothers Funerals a Guardian - 75 Canberra Ave, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia

Gungahlin Cemetery - Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia

Happier celebrations with flowers by Lily’s Canberra Florist

It’s always easy to celebrate because when we celebrate, a different kind of happiness sweeps inside of us making the rest of our day more lively and meaningful. Come celebrate with us and our team of florists will provide you with the best flowers appropriate for any event.


Perfect for birthdays! You’re welcome. Aside from flowers we also specialize in spoiling you and your recipients with our delectable treats! Don’t forget to share!


Dates, anniversaries, courtship – or anything that relates to that crazy touch of love, here’s one for you. Different hues of pink shall express all your heartfelt intentions. Great for gifts, also great for decorative purposes as it comes with a free Love vase.


Spice up your floral gift a little by choosing our flower arrangements with freebies like teddy bear, balloon, wine, sparkling, chocolates, and so much more! Maybe you are feeling a bit excited for some DIY, good news, you can mix and match floral gifts with your preferred freebies. So much fun!

The only flowers you’ll need in Canberra

We are serious with the business we do at the same time sprinkle a little fun when it comes to delivering high-quality floral products to our loyal patrons. Say no more and send flowers now to your friends, relatives, and all the people you care about in Canberra. Wherever you are or how much pressed you are for time, you can always access us online to order flowers delivered the same day or next day.

If you need help in deciding which flower gift to pick, you can reach our FLORISTS AT 02 6100 6274 and you bet they will be more than joyful to serve you. You can also send feedback and order via the same number or you can simply use our website’s flower finder to guide you.

After ordering, you can pay with convenience online through your Papal account or credit card, we guarantee the safety of your personal data from any kind of third party access.

Order now and send an invigorating revolution of flower creations only available at Lily’s Florist.

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