You Privacy - and it's importance to us

Your Privacy
We take your privacy very very seriously. We go to great lengths to protect both you and us have invested heavily in this protection. for example, We have installed one of the strongest SSL certificates that money can buy to protect both our mobile website and desktop website comma you can see this by looking at  the website URL full stop at the beginning of the website URL you can see, if you're using Google Chrome, the big green padlock and the word secure. to for an SSL certificate at this level we must provide the SSL provider with numerous details about our business otherwise they will not accept our application. Therefore, websites with SSL certificates are generally far safer than without.
Whilst we do retain your details, and the recipient's details, we never keep credit card information, a third party provider manages that part about business for us, they are called Eway and they are in Australian payment gateway provider. 
We never share your personal information with any other company.
From time to time, you may receive the occasional SMS or promotional email from us on special occasions like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

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